Annie B. Campbell Sculpture

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My current work is informed by brain structures, seizure activity, and neuroplasticity. I became fascinated by neuronal forms and (mal)functions when my infant son was diagnosed with a rare brain malformation and seizure disorder in 2017. What began as catharsis evolved into a new visual vocabulary within my core conceptual focus on environmental degradation.
The neurological forms and environmental themes merge as such: our society has created an artificial construct that enables us to see ourselves as separate from nature. This allows us to enact our “right” to control and abuse resources to which we feel entitled. These forms serve as symbols of our dysfunctional relationship with nature. The neuronal forms in my work are malformed, diseased, and deteriorating. Their connections are weakened by abnormal impulses and imbued with a dissonance caused by a detachment from their origins. This work explores the danger of ambivalence in the face of environmental crisis.