Artwork > Neurology-Themed Work 2018-present

Video tour (1/9) of my solo exhibition "Kindling" at Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL. October 2020-March 2021. The show includes sculptures from 3 bodies of work spanning 10 years. If you are primarily interested in the current neurology work, skip to videos 6-8. The sculpture in this exhibition is primarily hand-sculpted stoneware and porcelain ceramics, with the exception of one suspended installation which is made from cast resin. The earlier work is inspired by tree forms and the current artwork is inspired by neurology. All of the artwork has a conceptual footing in environmental degradation and the climate crisis. To see more visit:, and @ceramicannie on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks!

Virtual Gallery Talk- Intro (1/9). "Kindling", Annie B. Campbell Solo Exhibition