Artwork > Map Tracing Series 2011-2018

I created this piece while in a 3 month residency at The Scottish Sculpture Workshop in rural north east Scotland. I wanted to make a piece that was a reflection of my new surroundings. My work is typically derived from tree forms, yet I was in an environment that was dominated by the often tree-less landscape in it's various natural and agricultural states. The immediate area was also used for managed pine timber forests which yielded fields of stumps after the trees were harvested. So with this piece I took a path that combined both elements. The shapes of the stumps are derived from traced map outlines of the few forested areas in the region. The color and texture of the different clay bodies reflects the look of exposed rock, scrub covered hillsides, and worked farm land.

Wall installation, tree stumps, ceramics, maps, annie b campbell
Map Tracing Series I : Scottish Highlands

Stoneware paper clay
whole installation approx: 28"h x 90" w